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Consulting services. Enhance accounting.

Through our long-term experience as an auditing and accounting firm, the annual year-end audit is more than just ticking-off numbers. We understand auditing as an opportunity for our clients. We add value to our customer’s accounting and demonstrate, that a sound audit can be more than just a necessity. May it be the preparation of single or consolidated financial statements, special audits, opinions or the review of business plans – we offer a detailed analysis, sound advice and a clear opinion.

Our services in detail

Audit of single and consolidated financial statements

  • Focus on business and control risks
  • Reporting is oriented towards clients’ needs

Limited Review of Accounts

Preparation of single Financial Statements

  • Preparation following tax aspects
  • Preparation under German GAAP and/or IFRS

Preparation of consolidated Financial Statements

  • Preparation under German GAAP and/or IFRS

Preparation or Review of Business Plans

  • E.g. integrated Profit-and-Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flows Statements
  • Modeling of main value drivers, sensitivity analysis

Special Audits and Opinions

  • Audit of the foundation of a company
  • Squeeze-out opinions
  • Valuation opinions for contributions in kind
  • Assessment of adequacy for special compensations
  • Fairness opinions